Frequently Asked Questions

Family Law

What is Collaborative Divorce?

How is child support calculated?

What can happen if I do not pay my child support?


Social Security Disability

When do I need an attorney?

How does my attorney get paid?


Motorcycle Accidents

What is PIP insurance?

Where should I go to the doctor?


Wills and Trusts

What is the difference between a will and a living will?


Medicare Compliance

What is a Medicare Set-Aside?

What are conditional payments?

Do you need a Medicare Set-Aside in general liability cases?


Traffic Tickets

If I hire an attorney, do I have to attend the hearing?

Can I still fight the ticket if the police officer used a radar gun?


Criminal Record Expungements

How do I know if I qualify to have my record sealed or expunged?

What is the difference between record sealing and expungement?

What documents will I need to have my record sealed or expunged?



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